12 BS Facts About Bass Fishing Everyone Thinks Are True

Fact or Fiction: Bass Fishing Myths Exposed

  1. Largemouth Bass can breed with smallmouth bass (FALSE).
  2. Always use a bobber when fishing for bass (FALSE).  Largemouth Bass move to different depths in water throughout the year.  Depending on which season it is.  They cannot blink, which, causes sunlight to irritate their eyes.  When it’s sunny outside, largemouth bass, will be in the shade.  For example, under docks, piers, under a tree’s shade.  Also, they have a tendency to be in the deepest part of the lake.  This way the sunlight doesn’t effect their eyes.
  3. Nightcrawler is the best bait (FALSE).  The best largemouth bass bait is whatever bait that gets them interested.  First, anglers have to find a school of bass to present a variety of baits to.  Once finding a location where there are bass, keep throwing lures, that peak their interest.
  4. Soft lures are better than hard lures (FALSE).  There are so many variations amongst lures that it’s virtually impossible to differentiate a lure’s effectiveness by simply its texture.
  5. Bass love the color red (FALSE).  We can’t confirm what colors largemouth bass actually see.  There’s a professional angler, who claims bass are most attracted to blue.
  6. Largemouth Bass can only be caught on the same lure once (FALSE).  If a bass had no source of food for an entire week.  There’s no doubt, that the bass would bypass any hesitation into attacking a lure he got caught with before.
  7. Largemouth Bass aren’t smart fish (FALSE).  The more mature the fish, the harder the fish is to catch.  This means they are definitely smart fish.
  8. It takes little to no skill to catch bass (FALSE).  Like any fish, it takes patience and practice to catch and release.  Being able to use your surroundings, to determine the location of fish is just one skill a fisherman needs to master, to easily catch largemouth bass.
  9. Largemouth Bass don’t feed in the mid-day (FALSE).  Bass are predatory fish with a large appetite.  There isn’t a time during the day they simply don’t eat.  In fact, some of the most mature largest fish feed during mid-day because there’s little to no competition.  
  10. Largemouth Bass are color blind (FALSE).  Largemouth Bass aren’t color blind, because, they need a way to visually identify each other and their food.
  11. Largemouth Bass are easiest to catch in the Spring time (FALSE).  Bass are actually, most active during summertime.
  12. Bass hate spinnerbaits (FALSE).  The spinnerbait is a classic bait.  Used by anglers all around the world.  If you have’t used a double bladed spinner yet, you’re missing out!

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