5 Best Beginner Cichlids for a Beginner Aquarium

A Gold Severn

An extremely peaceful cichlid it’s got a round

body shape which you usually don’t

really see with cichlids they’re more

elongated they can get up to eight

inches and they usually need about  to

degrees Fahrenheit to be comfortable

forty gallons is usually the minimum for

these fish because they can get pretty

big but you can put some other like

schooling fish in there so maybe some

smaller schooling fish and have a pretty

cool tank because these guys aren’t


Tiger Oscar

Can grow up to fourteen

inches long.  Create a mess in the tank.

Use extra filtration and you need to be

doing some extra water changes to

keep up with their heavy bio

load these fish usually like to just

cruise around their tank they move

pretty slowly but if you throw some food

in there though they like turn into a

piranha it’s pretty cool to watch and

these fish will also like recognize you

when you walk into the room and they’ll

see you and they’ll get excited they’re

pretty nice fish.

Jack Dempsey cichlid

these guys are semi

aggressive so I wouldn’t put this with

the severum but they can go with some

other more aggressive fish and handle

themselves. These guys can get up to ten

inches and they need about the same

temperature as an Oscar  to  and

these fish are I have this one

recommended because these guys are

extremely Hardy they can adapt to many

different water parameters and

have one of my favorite color schemes

with the blue until like a black this is

probably my most recommended starting


Blue Ram cichlid

they got that nice like yellow –

electric blue coloration this was this

is one of the fish actually on my top

fish for beginners these guys only get

about three inches along they’re very

peaceful as long as you give them enough

space to kind of have their own little

territory they need a bit higher

temperature about to these guys

are really good if you want to get into

breeding but the hardiness is where it’s

kind of a problem because they need

establish water they might die.

Peacock Cichlid

these guys have a

really cool dorsal fin and they come in

tons of different color variations they

get up to six inches in size and they

need about 70 degrees

Farenheit water to be comfortable they

like to have caves and like rocks and

you often see these in cichlid tanks

with lots of other cichlids these guys

also need a high pH.

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