Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

This is a beginner’s guide for deeper

sonar users this blog post is structured as


What is deeper smart sonar? It’s a portable

wireless sonar device for anglers

designed for amateurs and professionals

alike deeper sonar helps to find out the

location of the fish its depth the water

temperature bottom contour structure and

more deeper works both on iOS and

Android smartphones and tablets suitable

for oceans rivers or lakes salt water or

fresh deeper is extremely versatile and

can be used in many areas where regular

fish finders can’t be used from banks

and shorelines to kayaks and boats and

even for ice fishing inside the box

inside the deeper sonar retail box you’ll find

the deeper sonar ball  Chargers wall

charger and duel car charger three

attachment bolts pouch for deeper a

microUSB cable and the user manual and

quick user guide how to use deeper

deeper is small lightweight and portable

designed to fit inside your tackle box

the sonar syncs with many common

portable devices from smartphones to

tablets so there’s no need for a

separate device to read from deeper can

be used in different ways pole fishing

attach the deeper to your fishing line

using one attachment bolt and cast into

the water it’ll float and stand sonar

readings to your phone and just reel it

in to get it back

flexible arm mounting for boats and

kayaks no special installation is

required just screw deeper to the

flexible arm mount and then attach to

your boat with a clamp ten seconds and

you’re ready to go ice fishing drill a

hole in the ice drop deeper into the

water and launch the application

technical specifications deeper is .

inches in diameter and weighs . ounces

a bluetooth connection sends a sonar

reading to the phone or tablet from up

to  feet away so a cellular

connection or Internet data is not

required depths range is from  feet to

 feet it works in both saltwater and

freshwater at temperatures down to minus

 point  degrees Celsius or zero

degrees Fahrenheit the lithium polymer

battery is fully rechargeable in two

hours using a micro USB power adapter

and lasts for four hours under

continuous use it also features a dual

beam sonar with  and  degrees cone

how to connect deeper when you first get

it make sure the device is fully charged

this is indicated by the green light

turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and

pair it with the deeper you can pair the

deeper with your smartphone only when

you’re charging deeper or when the

deeper is in the water

download the deeper app from the App

Store or Google Play

cast deeper into the water launch the

application on your smartphone or tablet

and start using the device if you’re an

iOS user you’ll have to connect to the

device after it’s been paired with the

smartphone or tablet you only need to do

this the first time you use deeper

application when you launch the app for

the first time click start and you’ll

see the main sonar window if you’d like

to see how readings will look simply

open menu click on settings and push run

simulation on the right hand side of the

screen is the depth scale and the

vertical flasher the top right of the

screen shows the maximum depth of the

water as well as the surface temperature

on the left-hand side of the screen

you’ll see the history tab and some

sonar settings

the history feature allows you to see

all the data for the last  minutes the

settings allow you to choose between two

types of views in basic mode only the

depth bottom contour and fisheye D is

shown detail mode is for pro anglers so

you can see everything crystal-clear

this will tell you if the bottom is soft

or hard the darker shade of orange

indicates a softer bottom green colors

indicate vegetation while yellow

indicates the presence of fish full

details of this will be in the

instructions for easier detection of

fish you can add fish ID making it

easier to understand you’ll also hear a

sound notification when a fish ID

appears in detailed mode you can change

sensitivity with the slider here less

sensitivity will filter smaller

obstacles if you need to switch the

transducer frequency you can do it here

this will change the signal comb from

wide to narrow or vice versa

on the bottom left you can use three

buttons the reconnection button only

present in the Android version is used

if the Bluetooth connection was lost the

snooze button sets deeper into sleep

mode while deeper is in the water but is

not used this helps to save battery

power and the mute button turns on or

off sounds and alarms in the status note

field you can see several notification

messages about deeper status searching

means looking for sonar

connecting to deeper means it’s

establishing a connection with sonar

connected to deeper shows when it’s in

normal operation deeper is disconnected

tells you that deeper has disconnected

with Bluetooth too shallow or too deep

means that the depth is below three feet

or more than  feet out of water shows

that deeper is out of water

charging tells you deeper is charging

battery empty indicates that deeper is

powered off because of an empty battery

updating deeper firmware is when deeper

is upgrading the software and not found

means that the app could not find deeper

when deeper is connected through the

smartphone on the top of the application

two new icons will appear the Bluetooth

connection sign and the deeper battery

level icon if you open menu on top

you’ll see the apps free extra features

calendar the calendar provides you with

information about fish activity levels

and lunar phases for chosen fishing

locations the fish activity level for

each day of the month is presented by

the orange circles by clicking on a

particular day in the calendar you can

see the hourly fish activity levels the

higher the fishing activity level the

higher the chances of a successful catch

on a gps-enabled mobile device the

calendar will open showing information

for your current position you can check

the activity levels of the fish for a

particular location by either using the

search field or choosing it from your

added fishing locations list you can

also add the location that you’re

viewing to this list locations added

through the calendar will also appear in

the map and thereafter be classified as

fishing locations

camera the camera function allows you to

take photos without leaving the

application you can also save the photos

along with any comments just aim and

click the shutter icon to snap a photo

once you take a photo a screen will

appear allowing you to add a title

description and save the entry saved

photo entries will appear in the notes

whether the weather feature provides you

with the current weather conditions in

forecast for a certain location along

with other useful information such as

sunrise and sunset as well as the phases

of the Moon on tablet devices you can

also access the detailed weather

forecasts for a certain day by clicking

on it on a gps-enabled mobile device the

weather will open showing information

for your current position you can check

the weather of a particular location by

using the search field or by choosing it

from any added locations locations added

through the calendar will also appear in

the map and will be classified as

weather locations notes the notes

feature allows you to keep a journal of

fishing entries displayed on the

calendar displayed in orange by clicking

on a certain day you can view its

existing entries or add new ones

multiple log entries on the same date

can be viewed by scrolling when forming

a new entry you can add a title and

comments and take photos by clicking on

the camera icon the note entry also

includes the weather locations on

location if you have a GPS enabled

mobile device you can view the list of

all your note entries and edit an entry

directly or share it on your social

networks by clicking on the buttons next

to it map explore the map in the normal

way you can also switch between the map

and satellite views by clicking on the

icon on the left of the map on a

gps-enabled mobile device the map will

open showing your current location

search for new locations by using the

search field or choose from your added

locations listed

locations are categorized by type you

can choose this every time you add a new

location types can be filtered by

clicking on the arrow at the right hand

side of the map and unpicking the ones

you wish to hide settings allows you to

configure the deeper application

according to your needs you can change

units sonar frequencies turn on or off

alarms for fish IDs and depth warnings

you can run simulation mode from there

and connect or disconnect any deepers

refer to the user manual if you need

further explanations about any functions

the backup function Android only lets

you export your photos entries and

comments straight to Google Drive so if

you switch phones or it gets lost you’ll

not lose all of your data accessories

new mounting solutions are durable

compact look great and have no sharp

edges or points the new deeper flexible

arm allows you to mount your deeper to

almost anything a heavy-duty flexible

arm make sure your deeper nor your boat

are damaged even when you hit something

hard with it a universal quarter-twenty

male screw makes it compatible with Ram

mounts or any other paddle sport

mounting accessories fishing at night

add a like function to your deeper just

swap the original cover case with a

transparent one and choose night fishing

mode on the mobile application new color

covers will help you find deeper at

longer distances in any weather y deeper


regular fish finders can only be used

from boats with deeper you can scan

anywhere you like

from shore lines bridges kayaks

embankments it can even be used for ice


portability traditional fishfinders

weighs  pounds and come with a

multitude of different bits and pieces

now anyone with a smartphone can just

connect to the deeper ball and off you


extra possibilities replaces regular

sonar and gives you more free features

like fishing activity calendar maps

weather forecasts and many more in

comparison to other portable fish

finders in the market deeper as a few

important things you need to know it

uses Bluetooth technology to transfer

data to your smartphone compared to

Wi-Fi this requires ten times less

energy so your battery can last longer

bluetooth allows you to use internet

connections on your smart phone so you

can stay online when fishing deeper

weighs only . ounces  grams so it’s

easier to cast easier to carry and

easier to store a dual beam sonar gives

you two different angles  degrees and

 degrees it’s a useful tool when

fishing in all kinds of different

locations depths water conditions etc

two beams combine great detail with a

wide coverage area a precise narrow beam

for high accuracy returns of fish

structure detail and bottom profile and

a wide beam for an ample search area

three metal inserts with an m screw for

attaching deeper to mounting accessories

ensures a variety of applications deeper

is rechargeable via the universal

microUSB port it’s prepared for ice

fishing deepers battery and electronic

components is covered by a special foam

protecting the batteries from

temperatures down to zero degrees

Fahrenheit deeper is designed and made

in Europe when we add some extra

features two new deepers we update the

firmware via bluetooth so old customers

can get all the new features with the

support update software etc from Europe

you can always be sure you get the best

the mobile application is intuitive

user-friendly and is packed with free

extra features so when you use it you

can test it can check it if you like

before buying even without buying sonar

you can build your fishing diary check

your fishing location fish activity

levels weather forecasts and much more

for free what if deeper in the pool

sonar will not work in small and narrow

artificial water tanks like buckets or

fish aquariums you can test it in there

if you like but please note that

readings will be inadequate due to

signal reflections deeper shows fish

where there aren’t any this is only

possible if there’s inappropriate usage

of deeper for example when you attach

deeper too close to your boat and the

signal is reflected deeper miss

interprets this as a fish

when you cast deeper too close to a

bridge concrete banks or rocks when you

reel in deeper and it’s attached to the

wrong attachment bolt meaning the signal

does not point straight down water

thermal clients influence sonar readings

and sometimes this is misinterpreted as

a fish deeper turns on automatically

once it’s in the water it’s impossible

to pair it until it turns on the deeper

batteries should be charged before

fishing to check the battery level

please connect two metal pins on the

bottom of deeper with a wet finger or

connect to a microUSB cable and charger

the blinking LED shows you the battery

level there’s no switch off button

deeper powers off automatically after

five minutes out of the water lost

connection the Bluetooth signal range is

up to  feet but this depends on the

smartphone model and weather conditions

sometimes you can lose the connection

because deeper is too far away their

stormy and wavy water deeper has been

submerged underwater different obstacles

like steel boats or concrete

reinforcements can block the signal

different smartphone models have

different Bluetooth strengths

can’t reconnect to reconnect the

Bluetooth device must be as close as

possible maximum  feet deeper shows

the wrong depth it’s only possible with

inappropriate usage of deeper for

example when you reel in deeper it’s

attached to the wrong attachment bolt

and the signal does not point straight


you should not screw in all three

attachment bolts at the same time by

doing this you’ll make deeper unstable

and the transducer beam will not be

directed straight down at the bottom if

you use deeper in to shallow waters

example one foot the signal reflections

will be too strong if you are in need of

additional information please find it at

Deeper sonar on sale

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