Raymarine Axiom Pro 9 S, Lighthouse US Chart 2018 Review

Raymarine Axiom Pro 9 S, Lighthouse US Chart

The axiom is a great fishing sonar. Check it out on sale!

It offers a three-dimensional sonar that we see on

this page in addition to the

three-dimensional sonar

this also has a kilowatt

chirp sonar built into the screen meaning not only

do you get amazing

clarity in shallow water situations

with the structure but offshore you can

also see a lot of the deeper fish

pelagic and game fish other neat

features offered within the axiom line

offers our new lighthouse  operating

system the lighthouse operating system

offers different user profiles for

different users on the boat in addition

to our profiles each app is fully

customizable so if you were to open an

app and want to change what you’re

seeing on the screen it’s as simple as

choosing the app closing an app or

choosing an app customize and you can

choose whatever you want to see on the

screen so a really nice feature within

that lighthouse  operating system

lighthouse  offers quick access to

different features one of the nice

features is if you simply press and hold

on the screen you can auto route go to a

waypoint place a waypoint or build a

route within the waypoints another new

feature offered in lighthouse  is the

ability to see real time each Waypoint

on your chart as they relate to your

list because raymarine is part of the

FLIR family it interfaces with the FLIR

cameras including the new camera the 

as we look here on the boat we’re able

to not only see the thermal image in

addition to seeing the thermal image

we’re able to control it with our touch

screen dragging the screen around or use

the external keypad built on the side

so just a d it’s really recreating a 

scene based on what you see

you. Buy the axiom while it’s on sale.

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