Northern California Largemouth Bass Fishing Memoir

Largemouth Bass Fishing for Beginners Tips Tricks and Techniques

Personal Experience Fishing:

Hello everyone! I am new to the community. I love the outdoors and have been fishing since I was about 5 or 6 years old. I specifically do California bass fishing. However, I also like to catch occasional trout and even panfish. I fish primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area along the Santa Cruz Foothills at a variety of local lakes and reservoirs. My personal best is a 6 lb largemouth bass. I caught it Spring 2016 at a man made reservoir located in the Cupertino called Stevens Creek Reservoir. There are plenty of good spots to fish in the area, including a few of my favorites including; Lexington and Vasona Reservoir.

Bass Winter Fishing Tips:

Live Bait – Use Shiners and Nightcrawlers
Artificial LuresCrankbaits that mimic shad. Preferably deep diving crankbaits that are built to dive 6 – 12 feet. Best color variation = Grey. Also, chartreuse is an insanely lethal color combination during the winter time.
Soft Plastic Baits – Worms are great. Use a Texas Rig also a Carolina Rig. Also, drop shots are incredibly deadly during the winter time.

Largemouth Bass Winter Behavior:

Largemouth Bass tend to gravitate to deep water typically within 2-6 feet from the deepest part of a body of water. Deep diving crankbaits are my go to lure during the winter time. I highly recommend using Strike King’s Extra Deep Diving 10XD Crankbait.

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