How To Replace Inline Spinner Treble Hooks With a Single Hook

What fishing situation is it necessary to use a single hook inline spinner?

It’s pretty standard that inline spinner’s are set up with treble hooks.  However, single hooks are extremely important when fishing in heavy cover.  For example, fishing around drift wood, weed beds, lily pads and rocks.  Using an inline spinner for these situations allow you to avoid getting snagged in the cover. 

Where is an ideal place to fish for Largemouth Bass while using a single hook inline spinner?

Largemouth bass are 99% of the time in or around some type of heavy cover.  They prefer higher water temperatures.  Ranging from mid 60’s to lower 70’s.  They are extremely sensitive to ultralight.  Fish aren’t able to blink like humans.  This causes the sensitivity to light.  Therefore, largemouth bass hide in cover when it’s sunny outside.  They prefer oxygenated water conditions.  The most oxygenated water is where water is dropping off.  For example, a situation where water creates bubbles.  Most of the time this is either a waterfall, creek or river.  Also, plants create higher concentrations of oxygenated water.  Count on largemouth bass going to these places.  Also, use a single hook inline spinner to avoid getting caught up or snagged against the plants.

Catch and release?

Single hook inline spinner’s are the best to use for catch and release fishing.

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